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Have the Sunday Scaries? Here is How to Help Prevent Them 

Have the Sunday Scaries? Here is How to Help Prevent Them | Recruiting in Motion

We say TGIF, but we hardly ever say TGIM for Mondays. That means when Sunday night rolls around, we can feel that anxiety creep in. If you have difficulty getting back in the mindset for work at the beginning of the week, there may be a few things you can do to avoid the Sunday Scaries. Here are some ways to ease into your new week at work.  

How Do You Get Rid of The Sunday Scaries? 

Get Good Sleep 

Inadequate sleep can affect everything that happens throughout the week. We often stay up later on Friday and Saturday, but that makes getting to bed on time on Sunday more challenging. On Sunday night, treat bedtime like you would during the work week. Have a relaxing routine and go to bed at the same time every night. Avoid screens once you’re in bed. Keep your bedroom cooler than you might keep your home during the day.  

Drink Plenty of Water 

Dehydration can create several physiological responses in the body, including increased anxiety. If you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Keep on top of your hydration and drink mostly water throughout the day. Avoid caffeine or sugar-laden drinks. They might give you a quick boost, but the effects are temporary and the side effects long-lasting.  

Plan Your Week  

One of the reasons Sundays might be scary is that you don’t feel prepared. You may lie in bed at night thinking about everything you must do when you get back to work. A quick fix is to take some time on Friday afternoon to prepare things for the following week. Reorganize your desk, create a to-do list for Monday morning, and put systems in place that help you hit the ground running when you return to work after a refreshing weekend. That way, it doesn’t have to take up space in your head on Sunday night.  

Have a Positive Attitude.  

Sometimes, your attitude is the only difference between a good and bad day. Keeping a positive attitude can help you stay focused and approach work with engagement rather than obligation. The power of positivity can even make the most mundane tasks feel more exciting. Simply shifting your thought from Sunday Scaries to Thank Goodness It’s Monday can help change your mindset.  

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