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Ace Your Interview: And How to do it Remotely 

Ace Your Interview: And How to do it Remotely | Recruiting in Motion

Over the last several months, we’ve been sharing tips to help you ace your next interview. But today’s world has changed, and many discussions are remote, even for in-person jobs. So How do you ace your interview on the phone or in a video conference? Here are some tips to ace your remote interview.  

How Can You Do Well in Your Remote Interview? 

Check Your Tech  

The first step is to test your technology before the conference call or video meeting. If it’s a phone interview, make sure your cell phone is charged. If you’re meeting on a video conference, test out the software they use to ensure you have everything installed correctly and it works with your camera and microphone.  

Dress Professionally  

Just because it’s a video interview doesn’t mean you can approach it casually. You should still dress for the job you want. A suit is always a good idea if the employer hasn’t given you direction. For men, you can skip the jacket but make sure you have the shirt and tie. However, if you don’t plan to stand up during the meeting, you can still wear comfortable pants with your dress shirt.  

Take Notes 

Here’s an advantage of phone and video interviewing that you may not always have in person. Don’t be afraid to take notes. Keep a notepad and pen on the desk by your computer. Jot down things as you hear them or think of them. Just be sure to avoid focusing entirely on your notes, so you don’t miss the interviewer saying something important.  

Keep Your Camera at Eye Level 

Here’s a trick that can help you make eye contact even in a video interview. Raise your camera, or laptop, to eye level, so you can look into the camera when you’re speaking. This will come across as professional and confident.  

Ask Questions 

As always, don’t forget to ask questions in the interview. You want to do homework so your questions aren’t about the basics, but you can always ask for more details. If you genuinely don’t have any questions based on the information provided by the interviewer, a great question is, “What do you love most about working here?” And at the end of the interview, always ask about the next steps and when they plan to make a hiring decision so you can follow up appropriately.  

Are you ready for your next virtual interview? Recruiting in Motion can help, so call now.  


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