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How to Hire Great Candidates for Remote Work 

How to Hire Great Candidates for Remote Work | Recruiting in Motion

Since the pandemic sent shockwaves across the nation, companies have been thrust into a world where remote work is the new normal. Studies have demonstrated that remote workers are more productive, not less, and companies can save money overall on hiring and managing remote workers. But not everyone thrives in work-from-home arrangements. How can you hire top talent for remote jobs? Here are a few tips.  

How Can You Hire The Best Remote Candidates?

Revamp Your Hiring Process 

The first step is to make your hiring process as remote-friendly as possible. Start by creating an online application that’s easy to complete. 92% of job seekers abandon online applications before completing them, so make yours easy to use. Ensure it’s mobile-friendly and avoid having candidates type the same information multiple times.  

Develop Job Descriptions 

Next, be sure to develop remote-specific job descriptions. What is the role responsible for each day? What is their accountability? How do you measure success for remote workers? How do you set boundaries for hours worked or access to company information? Keeping remote work in mind when creating the job description will help you create an environment where people can thrive.  

Look in the Right Places 

Posting a job online is a good first step, but you might not attract the best talent that way. Other systems work to bring in people who would be a good fit in your remote environment. Consider a referral program so your currently successful remote team members can send candidates your way. Consider passive recruiting to target individuals who have been asked to return to the office and may not want to work a hybrid job.  

Focus on Your Employer Brand 

Your employer brand combines your application and hiring process, your current employee satisfaction, and your online reputation. You’ll attract attention by showcasing that you’re a remote employer of choice. Post about your work culture online and cultivate conversations. This can convert your audience to candidates.  

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