Don’t Say “I’m Sorry” Say This Instead 

There are times when saying “I’m sorry” is appropriate. But there are also times when apologizing can put you in a bad position. There is a lot of psychology around those words; in some professional cases, saying them reduces your authority. While there may be times when you’re at fault in the workplace, there are […]

Why Hold on to Your Job in 2022?

The Great Resignation has been a massive topic of conversation for the better part of a year. Millions of Americans have quit their jobs every month since November 2021, but it’s not always for the best. The regret of leaving a position can become a big challenge moving forward. Here is why it’s essential to […]

Get Moving! How to Start Searching for Jobs 

Looking for a job can be frustrating, but the experience can be more accessible if you have good processes. Now is the perfect time to look for a new position. Here are a few ways to kick off your job search. Follow these steps to help you move forward in your career.   How Can You […]