Am I the Toxic Person at Work?

Everyone wants to see themselves as the office hero. You’re fighting the good fight. You’re setting the standard for performance. To everyone around you, you represent the shining beacon of corporate excellence.  That’s the version you have running in your head. But what if that’s not what everyone else sees? What if your coworkers see all those fights as petty and experience your […]

Effectively Using Online Resources For Job Searching

There are hundreds of different online resources that have made it incredibly easy to be exposed to a ton of different jobs. From social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to online job boards like Indeed, there are a lot of different ways to find job openings. Now the question is, how do we effectively […]

Why Consider Contract and Temporary Employment

Have you every wanted to apply for a job but changed your mind because it was a contract or temporary position? Have you every thought about hiring a temporary or contract worker but reconsidered? Think again, because there are a lot of great benefits to temporary and contract employment for both the job seeker and […]