Ace Your Interview: Come Prepared With Questions 

An interview is a great chance to make an impression on a potential employer. They’re also a chance for you to understand the company’s dynamic and who they are. You want to ask questions of your own in an interview to get a feel for company culture, your fit within it, and the next steps […]

Ace Your Interview: How to Present Yourself as Older (And More Mature)  

Starting out your career is tough. Early in your professional development, your resume will seem rather thin. At the same time, you lack interview experience, making it difficult to project confidence and maturity.  You can’t do much about your work experience. Companies will want to see something in your employment history — one study showed […]

Closing Questions That Will Help You Understand A Company’s Management Style

What do you want to learn from a job interview? You need to understand the details of the position, of course. But you should go further than that. You also want to understand the corporate culture and the company’s management style.  Remember: you’re not just there to sell your abilities as an employee. You want to make sure […]