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5 Reasons Hiring Isn’t As Easy as People May Think

You glance at a few resumes, ask a couple questions in an interview, and pick the best candidate for a job. Hiring seems pretty simple, right? However, it never turns out as easy as people think.  Just look at the stats. HR experts say that 50% of new hires fail. That’s right: half of your recruitment decisions […]

Would Your Company Have a Seat at the “Cool Kids” Table?

Remember the “cool kids” table in junior high? The people there reached the peak of tween perfection. They showed you how to dress, how to act, and how to talk.   Well, corporations have a “cool kids” table too. It consists of the firms with the most innovative benefits and employee retention strategies. As a result, they can attract the […]

Can You Reach Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn?

Even more than a decade and a half after its founding, LinkedIn is still considered the premier business networking site. However, it’s not just a tool to stay in touch with old coworkers and former supervisors. You should use it to actively expand your network. This includes using LinkedIn to reach out to recruiters.  Hiring managers are in the business […]

Get 2X the Applicants With A Positive Employer Brand

Successful hiring involves attracting the right talent for your organization. This doesn’t just happen while you’re recruiting. It’s a full-time effort. Building a dynamic team means developing a positive employer brand, ensuring that your reputation is strong enough to secure the best candidates.  A well-manicured employer brand helps your cause at every step of the way. You receive more […]

Do You Have the Tools in Place to Interview Successfully in a New Economy?

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on the U.S. economy. Many of the changes prompted by the pandemic will become permanent in its aftermath. Are you ready? Do you have the tools in place to run a successful interview in a new economy?  These are foundational questions as you plan your recruitment strategy for the […]

8 Questions to Determine If You Have a Seamless Hiring Process

Self-reflection is important. This fact applies as much to corporate recruiting policy as it does to personal growth. In order to create a seamless hiring process, you need to ask yourself hard questions.  To improve, you have to look hard at what you’re doing and understand how to get better. You need to know what questions to ask to determine […]