Does Your GPA Matter When Job Searching? 

If you’ve recently graduated from college, you’re probably interested in how the corporate world looks at your education. Is your grade point average significant? Do employers want to know your GPA, and will they hire based on that information? Let’s look at whether your GPA matters or not while you’re looking for your next job […]

What Benefits Are Unique That You Should Offer 

It’s a job seeker’s market. Companies often struggle with how to attract and retain. For small businesses, how can you compete with the budgets of big companies? There are some unique and creative benefits you can offer your team. Here are some ideas that you can use to keep your employees happy and engaged.    What […]

Ace Your Interview: How to End It with Class  

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been providing the How to Ace Your Interview series to give you additional tips for your job search. Now that you’ve seen how to build confidence, as questions, and prepare with practice, there is one last step to the process. How do you wrap up your interview in the […]

Don’t Stress: You Will Find your Groove in Your New Job 

The first day of a new job can be highly stressful. But don’t worry, everyone has been there before. While you may feel overwhelmed with everything you need to learn, know that you’re not alone and will find your groove. Are you looking for the pep talk that can keep you excited about starting your […]

Competitive Compensation is Key to Employee Retention

In the wake of the pandemic, The Great Resignation is showcasing the need to improve employee retention strategies across all industries and levels. Could competitive compensation and benefits be the key to building a lasting relationship with your employees? Making significant changes in your salary and perks can be just the thing you need to […]

Ace Your Interview: Come Prepared With Questions 

An interview is a great chance to make an impression on a potential employer. They’re also a chance for you to understand the company’s dynamic and who they are. You want to ask questions of your own in an interview to get a feel for company culture, your fit within it, and the next steps […]